About Crumb Hither Baking

Gourmet Cupcakes & Specialty Baking

proudly owned and operated by

Shannon Heacock-Hoffmann

Shannon officially established and licensed Crumb Hither, and leased out a commercial kitchen in 2009. She has been informally baking for friends, family and the community for over 15 years. Shannon started baking with her beloved Nana from a very early age; acquiring important baking methods and developing a passion for perfection in the art of fine baking. Comfort food and comfort baking are the cornerstones of her business! No assignment is too daunting. Shannon has experience with wedding cakes, cupcakes, cookies, truffles and party desserts of all kinds.

Shannon uses only fresh and natural ingredients in her baking: fresh carrots, bananas and strawberries, rich dark chocolate, sweet cream butter, organic eggs, natural citrus zests and juices, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla; no artificial, pre-made ingredients or additives. She supports organic and local vendors, like herself, and their wonderful products, made in Sonoma County and California.

Watch a video about Crumb Hither on YouTube.